We are a team of highly trained executive assistants and specialists delivering on-demand remote administrative support to entrepreneurs, executives, and small teams in high-cost areas around the world by leveraging the latest technological advancements: available across time-zones and on your terms.

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Are you focusing on the right things? See why entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 executives, hedge fund and venture capital partners, consultants, lawyers, and small business owners trust Sigrid.AI to keep them focused on the matters that matter.

I’m the founder and CEO of a biotech company with offices in four countries and chairman of the Danish Biotech Association. I have many meetings weekly with potential investors and partners and participate in scientific conferences. On top of that, I have to cope with the stress of managing extensive travel. Being able to hand over all that to my EA has allowed me to focus on my wellbeing and business goals. You get services from this type of professional EA service that you wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise. Proactiveness for a starter. My EA sometimes predicts my travel needs before I do - that’s a luxury I now enjoy. More hours of support. Then there is the 24-hour back-up team supporting me when my EA is off. And, because of the time-difference, tasks are solved before I arrive at the office in the morning. You need to get to know each other’s ways of working, but it’s a very cost-effective way of getting support from an experienced assistant who can help you lead the life you want and achieve your business goals at the same time.

Hans Schambye
Founder & CEO, Galecto Biotech

As the founder of a handful of companies under the Little Sun Group, I travel a lot for work and travel management needs to be on point. But my time is so limited, and I tend to postpone things that I don’t find immediately important. I used to have a ton of travel receipts lying around, boarding cards that got lost, to the point where it had become a real mess. My controller constantly had to chase me. Archiving travel receipts and boarding cards simply wasn't on my list of priorities. Being able to hand over stuff like travel, document, and calendar management to my EA has taken a lot of stress of my shoulders and more importantly, it has helped me set a good example for my employees.

Frederik Ottesen
Founder, Little Sun GmbH

Being a Startup CEO in a New York-based investment fund, I work out of a co-working space that provides the basics of a back office. But I still lack support in areas such as travel, research, and even IT-support. Stuff that is very time consuming and painful to manage but has a huge impact on my quality of life. I used to spend a lot of time and energy researching hotels and Airbnbs, even restaurants that I would like in new cities. Being able to hand over tasks like that to my EA has been a huge timesaver. She even saves all travel documents in my calendar. This service is more tech-savvy than any virtual assistant service I have tried in the past, and the level of integration is much better. The service works well, saves me time, enhances my quality of life, and it even saves me money.

Startup CEO
Investment Fund (New York)

'A personal assistant service that works, no hassle! It took me less than a week to establish a working relationship with my executive assistant (EA), the onboarding process was a joy – simple, fast and easy. My EA understood my preferences immediately and the service was up and running seamlessly after only a week, saving me lots of time and energy'.

Lars Kroijer
Founder & CEO, AlliedCrowds

'I started with an executive assistant from Sigrid.AI more than a year ago, Mara, and she has made a world of difference in my day-to-day life. Can't recommend highly enough.'

Stacey Boyd
Founder and CEO, OLIVELA

Being a Hong Kong-based capital fund that invests in companies in Asia, I used to spend a lot of time and energy stressing about getting time-zones right and not bumping into local holidays when coordinating meetings and video calls with new clients across Asia and the rest of the world. The first impression lasts with new clients, and I would often log in to a meeting stressed about how I was being perceived. Being able to hand over the complexity of meeting coordination to a remote EA has been incredibly time saving and anxiety-reducing and it has allowed me to focus on more important things. I'm pleased to say that I now use my EA for almost everything, and it has proven to be really helpful.

Chief Investment Officer
Capital Fund, Hong Kong

‘The Sigrid.AI team's attention to detail, and the proactive and highly personal effort to understand my life and work has given me hours of precious me-time.'

Lars Dencker Nielsen
Commercial Director, Scorpio Tankers

‘Why hire and manage an executive assistant, when you can hire a managed team. Well done team Sigrid.AI.’

Stefan Focas
Founder & Managing Director, Steppingstone

‘Working with my executive assistant and the support team on recurring tasks such as calendar management, expense reporting and flight bookings has saved me more than 5 hours a week and really helped boost my performance level.’

Freddy Ingemann
Founder & CEO, Moscord

Round-the-clock support for all your business and life admin

Customers use Sigrid.AI for everything from booking flights to in-depth research, with a million and one tasks in between. Whatever you need, chances are we’ve got you covered.
Find the best pricing for remote airport parking
Obtain quotes for home repair
Research prices and manage flight bookings
Book pickup of parcels
Process your expenses and prepare expense reports
Order items online with a virtual debit card
Arrange airport drop-off/pickup
Proofread and edit copy
Manage apps and other online subscriptions
Send Thank You notes in Paperless Post
Candidate screening in Workable
Track lost/delayed luggage
Book an aerial yoga class in Hong Kong
Research solutions to IT-related problems
Call airlines for travel-related problems
Online grocery shopping
Arrange conference calls on Zoom and Skype
Email inbox management
Prepare Christmascard email lists.
Book a taxi or a car service
Find email and home addresses
Find the best place to rent a bike in Copenhagen
Manage insurance claims
Book and manage a house or window-cleaner
Transcribe Minutes-of-Meetings
Find and book a nice Airbnb
Five fun recipes for Halloween
Manage your Loyalty Programs
Find unique gift items on Etsy
Manage apps and online subscriptions
Book a meeting room
Track and order redelivery of lost items
Transcribe audio to text
Book a hotel
Recommend shows and book theatre tickets
Provide birthday gift ideas for a 5-year-old
Manage your next house move
Manage your fitness club memberships
Manage your restaurant bookings
Book your next doctor's appointment
Schedule meetings
Schedule your way around a new city from point A to B
Proofread and edit copy
Create spreadsheets and Data Entry
Apply for renewal of your ESTA
Wait on hold for IT-support
Research YouTube video tutorials on Hubspot
Online bills payment with a virtual debit card
Send flowers to a colleague or a friend
Find a pet sitter or a dog walker
Research top 10 hedge fund firms in Nappa Valley

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Under the hood of Sigrid.AI is a machine learning platform that records your preferences, learns them, and presents them instantly to the assistant you’re working with. By learning to anticipate your needs, we learn to meet them quicker.

Unlike fully virtual assistant services, Sigrid.AI uses technology to support our human assistants – not to replace them. We built a collaboration platform that helps the team solve problems and complete tasks collectively, saving them more time individually. The platform uses machine learning to identify the kind of task, giving the personal assistant a headstart before they’ve even opened your email.

While tech might power our engine, our people are plotting the course. At the heart of Sigrid.AI is the idea that, collectively, we’re smarter. That’s why when you hire a remote personal assistant from us, you’re also hiring the sum total of our team’s expertise. Our managed team of virtual executive assistants are supported by a team of specialists who are available round the clock to take care of the details so you can take care of the big picture.