Bringing balance to work & life

It can be difficult to make time for the most important things if your schedule is bursting with work-related admin tasks and personal to-dos. That’s why we created Sigrid. A virtual assistant service that supports you and your winning team.


Premium Executive &
Personal Assistance

At Sigrid, we’ll match you with a dedicated Virtual Assistant (VA) with deep business experience to support you and your team. Pre-vetted, trained, and managed by us.

Your dedicated VA will help manage and coordinate your work, personal, and family logistics. 

Your VA is supported by our entire team of Virtual Assistants and Specialists for specialized and critical tasks.

We also guarantee seamless continuity, which means that another VA will step in and provide care when your dedicated VA is on leave. This gives you the freedom and headspace to focus on the things that really matter to you.

Sigrid is easy to set up and integrate into your existing systems and processes.

We use MySigrid, our proprietary Collaboration & Task Management Platform, to solve tasks efficiently and collectively - improving quality, reducing human error, and increasing speed.



Delegate effortlessly with MySigrid

Communicate with your dedicated VA any way you want or use our free delegation app, the MySigrid Assistant TO-DO List App (iOS), purpose-built by delegation experts to make delegating tasks to your dedicated assistant seamless.

  • Easily communicate with your VA and submit tasks anywhere using an intelligent chat interface.

  • View all delegated tasks in one place.

  • See details about a task, including PriorityAgreed deadline, and Status Updates from your VA.

  • See if your VA is 'On Duty' and monitor subscription usage in real-time.

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Round-the-clock support for all your business & life admin

Our premium 24/7 Virtual Assistants handle more sophisticated tasks than standard VAs on UpWork and other shared assistant services.


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Calendar Management & Meeting Scheduling

Ask your dedicated Virtual Executive Assistant to manage your schedule for you proactively. Your VA will continuously plan and refine the detailed logistics of your life weeks ahead of time based on your current and future time zones. Everything is reflected in your shared calendar, leaving you free to focus on your core responsibilities.

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Travel Management

Transform business travel from a chore to a pleasure by delegating your travel planning to your Virtual Executive Assistant. They can proactively plan all of your travel logistics, ensuring that it’s seamlessly integrated with your schedule. This is especially valuable when things change at the last minute, saving you from losing hours in rescheduling and rebooking hell.

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Human Resources

Sigrid’s highly-experienced HR Virtual Assistants can proactively manage your HR needs at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house HR team.

  • Recruitment Management,
  • Attendance Monitoring & Timesheets,
  • Payroll Management,
  • General Admin & Performance management.


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Project Management Assistance

Do you have a trusted assistant who can manage every aspect of your projects? Someone who can provide highly structured support as a demonstration of good corporate governance? 

Your Sigrid Virtual Project Management Assistant will manage every aspect of your projects, anticipating challenges and devising solutions, proactively scheduling meetings, and updating standard operating procedures.

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Stay focused on your core responsibilities by delegating all of your bookkeeping to your dedicated Sigrid Virtual Administrative Assistant. Your VA will be assisted by professional bookkeepers in the Sigrid Team, and they’ll work together to establish good bookkeeping practices so you can focus on business growth.

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Social Media Management

The duties and responsibilities of a Social Media Manager are demanding and not all SMBs can afford one from the outset. Why not delegate your SocMed to-do list to a dedicated remote Social Media Specialist at Sigrid? 

You can increase or decrease the number of social media tasks you delegate to your remote Social Media Specialist depending on your marketing needs and budget.

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IT Support (Software Management /Basic Troubleshooting /License Management)

Get rid of that long list of IT-related issues by asking your Virtual Assistant to take care of it for you. If they can’t find the solution themselves, they’ll willingly call IT support companies that may have long hold times and patch you into the call once a representative becomes available. They’ll also spend days corresponding with tech support teams until your issue is resolved.  

Your VA can also recommend the best IT software and hardware and suggest productivity hacks. And if your company wants to establish a viable remote workforce, your VA could recommend best-in-class software solutions.

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Household Maintenance & Repairs

Managing your home and its upkeep can be just as demanding as a full-time job. Free up more time in your schedule by delegating recurring household-related tasks to your remote Personal Assistant. 

Whether you need to have your home cleaned, your sofas reupholstered, or your roofing inspected, your Personal Virtual Assistant can manage all of these household maintenance tasks remotely. 

Your Personal Assistant will vet vendors and contractors based on your budget and requirements, book the appointments, and ensure that they arrive at your property on time to perform the service.

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Child & Family Logistics

Managing the needs of your children and family can be time consuming. By delegating your child and family logistics to your dedicated remote Personal Assistant, you can regain the countless hours spent on family admin, research, bookings, to-do’s, and other related tasks.

Looking for the perfect summer camp program for your children, or need to schedule doctors’ appointments for your elderly parents? No task is too complex or menial for your Personal Virtual Assistant, who will go out of their way to ensure that all projects are completed according to your specifications. Your PA will even foresee challenges and make arrangements to remedy these challenges.

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Personal & Family Agendas

Every member of your family is busy and has a separate calendar. This makes it extra challenging to coordinate everyone’s agendas and find a common time to hold family events and get-togethers. 

Simplify your lives by giving your dedicated Personal Assistant access to everyone’s personal calendars. This way, your PA can coordinate with everyone and agree on a time and place to hold celebrations, anniversaries, and get-togethers. 

What’s more, your PA can manage everyone’s personal calendars—setting appointments, scheduling and rescheduling upcoming events, and reminding them of their commitments. Everyone’s needs will be anticipated ahead of time, ensuring that you never double-book a family member again.

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Bookings at Pubs, Restaurants & Hotels

Want to plan a romantic dinner with your spouse, a get-together with college friends, or a vacation with your extended family? It can be time-consuming to look for available pubs, restaurants, and hotels. 

Free up more time in your busy schedule by delegating the research and bookings to your Virtual Personal Assistant. Just give your PA all the details and requirements about the upcoming events and they’ll look for suitable venues. Your PA will come up with a short list detailing the features, pros and cons, and prices of each venue. Once you’ve made your final decisions, your PA will then make the reservations.

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Activities & Entertainment

Planning your leisure activities and entertainment shouldn’t be a chore—which is why your Personal Assistant is willing to do the brunt of the planning for you. Just let your PA know the activities you have in mind and they’ll research the available options. 

Whether it’s researching movie listings and showtimes, buying tickets for the upcoming tennis season, or finding a suitable after-work pottery class, your PA will furnish you with the information you need. All you have to do is make the final decision and your PA will make the reservations and arrange payments. Don’t forget to sit back and enjoy your downtime!

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Birthdays & Holidays

For busy people, remembering everyone’s birthdays and upcoming holidays can be mentally challenging. Keep yourself focused on your core responsibilities by delegating reminders about upcoming birthdays and holidays to your remote Personal Assistant. 

Your PA will proactively purchase and send greeting cards, flowers, gifts, and cakes to your recipients. Just give your PA a short list of the birthdays and anniversaries you want to remember, as well as the activities that should be planned for each celebrant. Your Personal Virtual Assistant will also inform you about upcoming holidays and can proactively suggest activities for you and your family.

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Child Care & Schooling

Managing your children’s school diaries and their child care needs is a major responsibility. You can free up more time in your busy schedule by delegating all logistical and administrative aspects of child care and schooling to your remote Personal Assistant.

If your child gets sick, your PA can mobilize emergency backup care from vetted nannies, as well as consultations with pediatricians and other healthcare practitioners. Moreover, if you have a child with a learning disability, health issue, or physical disability, your PA will schedule appointments with doctors and other specialists.

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Home, Car & Garden

Your dedicated Virtual Personal Assistant can manage all maintenance tasks related to your home, garden, and vehicles. 

Do you need a plumber to work on your plumbing, a contractor to add an installation in your home, or a gardener to keep your front lawn in presentable condition? Your PA will gladly vet the contractors and book appointments on your behalf. If you have a vacation home or Airbnb, your PA can co-manage your property by vetting guests and arranging maintenance and repairs.

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Online Bills Payments

Aside from managing your household budget, your dedicated Personal Assistant can also manage all of your household’s online bills payments. From electric and internet bills, to your mortgage payments and homeowner’s insurance, your PA will make sure that all of your household bills are paid on time—preventing any interruptions in service and penalties.

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Health & Personal Care

Your remote Personal Assistant will take charge of your family’s healthcare needs: booking doctors’ appointments, researching and contacting specialists, and managing your private healthcare paperwork to make a claim. All of this is done with the utmost discretion, ensuring that your family’s privacy is safeguarded.

Whether you need to find a new yoga instructor, therapist, allergy specialist, or nutritionist, no health-related task is too complex for your PA to handle. Just let them know your specifications and they’ll get to work fulfilling your requests.

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Reminders About Important Dates & Events

Remembering all of the important dates and events in your work and personal calendars can be daunting—which is why it’s best to outsource this responsibility to your remote Personal Assistant.

Your remote PA will stay on top of all of the important dates and events in your combined calendar, reminding you of these events and helping you prepare everything you need to make them a success. Whether it’s an upcoming house showing in a new neighborhood, your daughter’s upcoming ballet recital, or a meeting with potential business partners, your PA will meticulously plan your calendar and daily schedule to help you accomplish more and stay on top of your priorities.



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There are three ways to get started: You can choose to get started now, book a consultation, or sign up for a free trial and submit your first task today.


We schedule a call to familiarize ourselves with your needs and expectations. We’ll also identify the right systems and processes to provide seamless support.


We’ll match you with a dedicated Virtual Admin Assistant. We'll listen carefully to your requirements, and those of your family and business, to ensure a proper fit.


You meet your dedicated VA. During the welcome call, your VA will get to know you, understand your work style, and familiarize themselves with the tools and systems you use.

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"This service is more tech-savvy than any virtual assistant service I have tried in the past, and the level of integration is much better. The service works well, saves me time, enhances my quality of life, and it even saves me money."

Founder & CEO, Investment Fund, New York

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"My dedicated EA is one of the hardest working and most responsive people I have had the honor to work with. And the larger Sigrid AI team is always so ready to jump in and help if something arises during off-hours for my EA. I don’t know what I did before you all helped organize my life! You truly make everything possible. Thank you."

Stacey Boyd, CEO & Founder, OLIVELA

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"A personal assistant service that works, no hassle! It took me less than a week to establish a working relationship with my executive assistant, the onboarding process was a joy – simple, fast and easy. My EA understood my preferences immediately and the service was up and running seamlessly after only a week, saving me lots of time and energy."

Lars Kroijer, Founder & CEO, AlliedCrowds, London

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"Being a capital fund that invests in companies in Asia, I used to spend a lot of time and energy stressing about getting time-zones right and not bumping into local holidays when coordinating meetings with new clients. Being able to hand over the complexity of meeting coordination to a remote EA has been incredibly time-saving and anxiety-reducing and it has allowed me to focus on more important things. I'm pleased to say that I now use my EA for almost everything."

Chief Investment Officer, Capital Fund

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combined with care

Our team members have the experience, skillset, and passion to support busy executives and winning teams.

We’re proud of the diverse and highly competent team we’ve built here at Sigrid. All of our Virtual Assistants, Specialists, and Managers have decades of experience in the most demanding industries. 

They’re also regular people, with families and responsibilities, hopes and dreams. They understand how challenging it can be to juggle demanding careers while keeping everyone at home safe and happy. This deep empathy allows them to anticipate your needs and provide personalized, world-class care.

We spend a great deal of time recruiting and testing the right people, training them extensively, and giving them all the resources they’ll need to offer world-class care. This commitment to excellence has enabled us to build a professionally managed distributed team.

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Our aim is to give people back their personal freedom. To prevent stress and burnout.

We were promised that technology would give us back our time. Instead, we are caught up in society's endless quest for more productivity and bigger profits at the expense of the things that are most important to us. This leaves us with a feeling of wanting more, needing more.

Many of us toil as if the greatest reward for work is more work and never stop to enjoy the full reward of our achievements. We rarely have the time to spend quality moments with our loved ones or invest in ourselves.

Sigrid can make a huge impact on your life and business. We’ll install a culture of well-being so that you and your employees will thrive at work and in your personal lives. Delegating your to-do’s and work-related admin tasks will free you up. This allows you to spend more time on the things that are most important to you, helping you regain a sense of balance.