Why we chose 1Password

At Sigrid.AI, properly handling and protecting our clients' information is paramount and having a secure and convenient way to share data and information between client and EA is fundamental to that. 

Convenience and data protection are often at odds in the world of information management. After extensive research we have found that password managers offer the right balance between the two, combining very strong data security with easy of use. 

As an added benefit, asking our clients to use a password manager encourages them to begin managing their sensitive data more carefully in all areas of their lives.  

Over the past two years, we have spent hundreds of hours testing and reviewing the leading password managers.. The main contenders were Lastpass (which we used with our earliest clients) and Dashlane (tested extensively as well). 

In late 2017, we settled on 1Password and have been using it since with great success.

The main reasons for selecting 1Password were

  • consistently rated very highly on security
  • best user interface 
  • granular sharing controls and audit logging that align well with Sigrid.AI's data protection policies
  • no automatic autofilling of passwords in browsers (considered a potential area of exposure by many experts)
  • ability to store and share many kinds of data and documents including images 

You can find instructions on how to get started with 1Password here

 You can read more about 1Password and password managers here: