Sigrid.AI Travel Desk


The Sigrid.AI Travel Desk helps you stay focused while getting you stress-free from point A to point B. The Travel Desk manages all aspects of your travel, including sourcing price-competitive flights, hotels, and ground transportation options. And because the Travel Desk continuously monitors your calendars, our travel specialists can anticipate your requirements several weeks ahead of time, making it possible to secure the best price on flight tickets, hotels, and ground transportation options.

Everything is based on a detailed understanding of your preferences, as well as recommendations from our community of like-minded clients. 

The Travel Desk purchases tickets, keeps track of unused flights and ensures that points accumulation and usage is optimized across all your loyalty programs. The Travel Desk also prepares all necessary visas, and travel documentation, handles check-in and seat selection, arranges early hotel check-in and late check-out and resolves any last-minute changes to your schedule while maintaining a detailed and up-to-date travel schedule in your preferred electronic calendar. All you need to do is send a message to the Sigrid.AI Travel Desk.

The Travel Desk also tracks, monitors and coordinates the safe return of lost and delayed luggage, organizes research of awards and credit card benefit programs and handles insurance claims. 



Services include

  • Sourcing price-competitive flights, hotels, and ground-transportation options in compliance with existing travel policies,
  • Purchasing of tickets and booking of hotel accommodation with approved credit cards to improve spend management and improve forecasting and bookkeeping,
  • Maintaining a detailed travel schedule in your electronic calendar,
  • Tracking of unused or partially used tickets,
  • Check-in and seat selection according to your preferences,
  • Coordinating rebookings, cancellations and refunds,
  • Managing insurance claims for lost/delayed luggage and travel disruptions,
  • Arranging early hotel check-in and check-out,
  • Managing loyalty program memberships and renewals, and optimizing points accumulation,
  • Preparing visas and travel documentation, and
  • Submitting reimbursements and handling permits and licenses.





Service details

Service Hours: Depending on the client’s time zone.

Omnichannel communication: The Sigrid.AI Travel Desk supports communication with users through many channels. The Travel Desk is currently supporting email, SMS, Voice notes, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Viber, LINE, and phone. Expect WhatsApp and iMessage later this year.

Continuity is guaranteed: The Sigrid.AI Travel Desk services the user through MySigrid - an advanced AI-powered task management and communication platform built specifically for personal process outsourcing. The platform enforces standardized processes, improving quality, reducing human error and increasing speed.

AI makes the Travel Desk more powerful: The Sigrid.AI Travel Desk continuously captures each user’s unique preferences in a confidential Client Fact Book in MySigrid. The user’s preferences are combined with the knowledge gained from supporting multiple clients, helping to optimize the recommendations provided. The more users that use the service, the better our AI will be at helping the Travel Desk provide worldclass recommendations.