Sigrid.AI Expense management in two simple steps


1. Take a photo of the receipt with your phone

The quality of the photo you take is important. Make sure to take a good quality photo in a place where there is enough light. This makes it much more easy for our AI to read all the important details on the receipt correctly. 




2. Open your mail application and send the photo to Sigrid.AI

Email the photo to We recommend saving the email address in your address book under the name Expense Management.




How to save an email address in your address book

1. Open the address book on your mobile phone.

2. Add a new contact. name it 'Expense Management'.

3. Press 'Ok'.

If you are not an iPhone-user, for instructions on how to add a new contact to your address book on your mobile phone ask you EA. We are always happy to help.


Saving an email address-1