Instruction Guide

The Sigrid.AI Secure Vault

Welcome. This instruction guide explains how to use 1Password to manage your sensitive information for yourself and selectively share some of that information with your EA.


The following steps will help you get started setting up your Sigrid.AI Secure Vault:

1. Accept the invitation to become a member of the Sigrid.AI team. You have been invited by the Sigrid.AI Data Protection Officer (DPO) to become a member of the Sigrid.AI team on Please let your EA know if you still have not received the invitation.

2. Sign up to1Password.

3. Your Secret Key is generated for you. Your Secret Key keeps your 1Password account safe by adding another level of security on top of your Master Password.

4. Create your Master Password.

5. Now sign in to 1Password using your email and Master Password.

6. Now save your 1Password Emergency Kit by following these steps to store your Secret Key and your Master Password, as recommended by 1Password.

7. You are now logged in to your Sigrid.AI Secure Vault powered by 1Password where you have access to your Private vault (this is for your use only and cannot be accessed by anyone else). You can now start adding data to 1Password.

8. After registering, we recommend to install 1Password on all your devices, including the browser extension in your preferred browser. 


How to access your shared vaults

Before you can access your shared vaults our DPO needs to confirm your registration on our end, giving you access to the vaults you share with your EA (vaults are the way 1Password organises information): 

  1. ClientName & EAName (this is for information, log-ins, and data you wish to share with your EA)
  2. ClientName & EAName – Travel (this is for specific travel related items, accessible by your EA and our Travel Desk staff)

This is what it will look like in the online view when our DPO has granted you access to the shared vaults. Your name will appear next to the name of your EA on each of the vaults you share. 


21. your dashboard gives you access to your three vaults.jpg


NB. The shared vaults our DPO has set up for you belong to the Sigrid.AI1Password account. This is a necessary set-up for us to ensure that our staff's access to your data is managed per our strict data protection policies and that all use of the data can be tracked and audited as necessary. It also lets us give selective access to backup staff in cases where you need time-critical support outside your service hours.

If at any point you wish to stop sharing your information, you can simply delete the shared items or move them out of the shared vaults into your private vault.

Sharing sensitive data with your colleagues or family
Once you have familiarised yourself with 1Password, you may want to start using it for sharing data with your colleagues or family. To do that you need to sign up for their 1Password Individual, Families or Teams account. We will be happy to advice you on that. You can sign up here.

Now you are ready to add information to your vaults and share information with your EA.


How to add information to your secure vaults and share it with your EA


  1. Start by choosing a vault and selecting the category of information you would like to add to your Vault.


15. save passport details to your travel desk vault.jpg


2. If you choose to i.e. add login details to a website, start by adding a title.

14. allow 1password to generate a strong password.jpg


3. Then add a password or allow 1Password to generate a secure password for you.

4. When you want to share the details in one of the shared folders, choose the ‘share button' and select ‘Move/Copy' to share the information in one of your shared vaults. If you choose to ‘Copy', the information will appear in more than one vault.

18. share functionality - moving data from one vault to another.jpg


5. Select the folder you want to share the information into.

19. sharing between vaults.jpg


6. Then log in to the vault you shared the information in and you will find the details you just shared. 

It really is that easy.


What to share

We suggest starting by adding and sharing logins to airline loyalty programs and a photo of your passport details page to your Travel Vault. If you want your EA and the Travel Desk to use a particular VISA card to purchase your airline tickets, you can also share the details here.

Other information

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