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Most people struggle to manage passwords, website logins, credit card details, and other confidential information in a way that is secure and easily accessible on all their different devices. This leads to constant frustration, wasted time and substantially increases the risk of compromising sensitive data. Without an effective strategy for securely managing and sharing information, it is also difficult to fully enjoy the benefits of executive support. 




Share sensitive information securely with your EA
Sigrid.AI has tested the leading systems for secure information sharing in the market. We recommend 1Password as the safest way to manage data, log-ins, and documents. With 1Password you can share passwords, website logins, sensitive documents, and information securely with your EA, while always having convenient access from your computer and mobile devices.

Go ahead, forget your passwords
With 1Password on your computer and mobile devices you only have to remember one secure Master Password to automatically log in to websites and fill in forms. 1Password is integrated with your web browser, so you can create secure passwords, fill in credit card details, and sign in to your online accounts with a single click - or sign in to your apps on your iPhone and iPad in a single tap without ever again needing to type in your username and password.

Let your EA organize and maintain your logins, passwords, documents and other information
While all your non-confidential documents and information are stored by your EA on a continuous basis in your confidential Sigrid.AI Client Fact Book, we recommend that you ask your EA to maintain all your confidential information in your Secure Vault.

The perfect choice for the busy executive and business traveler
And, because 1Password keeps all your devices in sync, it is the perfect choice for the executive and business traveler with a fast-paced lifestyle, because you will always have access to your data and information wherever you are.


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Need more help?

We are always ready to help. Ask your EA for support, and we will assist you in any way possible.