Sigrid.AI Secure Data Vault (SDV)

 "If you’re not using a password manager, start now. A password manager makes you less vulnerable online by generating strong random passwords, syncing them securely across your browsers and devices, and filling them in automatically." 

The Wirecutter, February 27, 2018


If at any point the instructions below are not clear, or something doesn't go as expected, just let us know. Your EA or one of our IT support specialists will be happy to walk you though the set-up process (using screen sharing on your computer, if necessary). By now, you will have received an email titled; 'Join Sigrid.AI on 1Password' (if not, check your spam folder and let your EA know if it's not there).

  1. Confirm that the email we sent the invite to is the one you want to use for your 1Password account. Some people prefer to use a personal email address that is not linked to a specific company. Just let your EA know if you wish to change it.
  2. During sign-up, you will be asked to choose a Master Password. This will soon be the only password you need to remember in your life, so take a few minutes before you start the sign-up process to think of one (for inspiration, read this helpful blog post on creating a Master Password, or click 'WANT HELP CHOOSING?' during the sign-up process).
  3. When asked if you want to save your Emergency Kit, choose 'Remind me later'.

Once your account is set up: This is what you see after signing in

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 12.49.36

  1. You will see your Private Vault,
  2. As soon as the Sigrid.AI's Data Protection Officer (DPO) has confirmed your access, you will also see several Shared Vaults (read more about vaults below),
    Let your EA know if no Shared Vaults appear,
  3. Click 'Get the Apps' and follow the instructions to; 
  • install the 1Password app for PC/Mac
  • add the 1Password extension to your browser,
  • install the 1Password app on your mobile phone and tablet (available for iOS and Android).



Control and access to your data

Who has access to your data?

Only you can access the data in your Private Vault (not even our Data Protection Officer has access to it). As a starting point, we recommend using this vault for all your passwords and sensitive information. You can then decide what to share from that. Your EA and the designated Associate EA have access to the Shared Vaults. Our DPO may grant temporary access to other staff for backup purposes or to handle time-critical tasks outside your EAs work hours. All access and usage are logged.   

What can they see?

All the information and attachments in your Shared Vaults are visible to your EA and anyone with access, except your passwords. Your passwords can be used by your EA to log in to websites, but the actual password remains hidden.  

Who controls the content in your vaults?

You control the content of your Private and Shared Vaults and can add, share and delete data permanently at any time (read more about your shared vaults below). If at any point you wish to stop sharing a piece of information, you can delete the data or move the data out of a Shared Vault and into your Private Vault. 

Who controls access to your data?

The Shared Vaults set up for you in 1Password belong to the Sigrid.AI 1Password account and are managed by you and by the Sigrid.AI Data Protection Officer. This is a necessary set-up for us to ensure that access to your data is managed per our strict data protection policies and that all use of the data can be tracked and audited as necessary.   

Why choose 1Password?

There are some excellent password managers in the market. We have tested most of them, and have selected 1Password for its world-class usability combined with the highest level of security and granular sharing/administration controls that support Sigrid.AI's data protection policies. You can find more information about why we chose 1Password, some useful password manager reviews, and related articles here.



Sharing information using Shared Vaults in 1Password

Before you can access your Shared Vaults, our DPO needs to confirm your registration on our end giving you access to the vaults you share with your EA (vaults are the way 1Password organizes information).

Vaults are similar to folders on your computer and help organize your information and manage access.  

Shared vaults

shared vaultsTo start, we have set up one or more Shared Vaults for you: 

  • Your name & your EA's name (this is for information, log-ins, and data you wish to share with your EA. Your EA cannot see the passwords in this vault, but can use log-ins),
  • Your name & your EA's name - PW revealed (for information, log-ins, and data you wish to share with your EA. Your EA can see passwords in this vault.),
  • Your name & your EA's name – Travel (for specific travel related items, accessible by your EA and our Travel Desk staff).
  • ...and possibly other vaults depending on your needs.

You can have any number of vaults. During day-to-day use, you will typically set 1Password to 'All Vaults' which means it will seamlessly search across your Private and all Shared Vaults.  

Adding information to your Secure Data Vaults and sharing it with your EA

We recommend that you initially add all your sensitive information to your Private Vault, and then gradually work out what you need to share from there. To share information directly with your EA, add it directly to the relevant Shared Vault. 

You can add information to your vaults from the Chrome extension, the mobile app, and directly in the 1Password app online (as in the example below). Don't email sensitive information or send it via chat.


Add data-21.1 Start adding data to your Shared vault

Adding information to a vault:

  1. Choose your Private Vault or one of the Shared Vaults,
  2. Tap the Plus to select the category of information you want to add to your vault,
  3. Select a Category and fill in the details,
  4. When you want to add a password, you can create one or allow 1Password to generate a Secure Password for you,
  5. Hit Save.

Moving data and log-in credentials from your Private Vault to a Shared Vault 

A good place to start is by moving logins to airline loyalty programs and a photo of your passport details page to the Your name & your EA's name – Travel vault. If you want your EA and the Travel Desk to use a particular payment method to purchase your airline tickets, you can also share the details here.


Using 1Password with your colleagues and family

Once you have familiarized yourself with 1Password, you may want to start using it for sharing data with your colleagues or family. You can get a free Family Account by following these instructions. Like your Private Vault, a Family Account is yours alone, and is not accessible or controlled in any way by us.  We will be happy to advise you about that.


Need more help?
If you are moving from another password manager you can find instructions here.
You can find lots of useful information on the 1Password Support site.
Or better still, just ask your EA for help!