We work when you work

Access to the knowledge &
brain power of a whole team

Staffed by highly trained dedicated virtual assistants backed by a team of Associate VAs and specialists in areas such as specialized research, bookkeeping, expense management, travel planning, and IT-support, Sigrid.AI provides round-the-clock support for a huge array of tasks.

Your assistant will be the person you communicate with most, but Sigrid.AI’s collective approach means there’s always someone to help.

Need to book a last-minute flight but heading into an all-day meeting? Or need some competitor analysis delivered before your pitch in the morning? We’re here 24/7 to take care of the details so you can take care of the big picture.

  • You get a dedicated VA (only the top 1%),
  • Support from Associate VAs in training (only the top 1%),
  • Support from a team of specialists (only the top 1%),
  • Your VA/PA undergoes weekly training,
  • Your VA/PA is supported by a Customer Success Manager and a professional management team,
  • A back-up team supports you for critical tasks outside your Service Hours,
  • Time zone coverage across the US, Europe, and Asia,
  • A structured onboarding process - you meet your VA before you start,
  • Local telephone numbers,
  • Branded VA email,
  • Integration with your personal preferences,
  • Buy ad-hoc hours to handle peak demand for support,
  • Online payments and bookings with a virtual debit card,
  • Secure sharing of sensitive data, passwords, and documents with the Client Secure Vault, and
  • The Service is ‘On’ Monday till Friday in your time-zone.


Enjoy a managed experience
and work with top talent

We spend a great deal of time recruiting and testing the right people, training them extensively, and giving them all the resources and tools needed to offer world-class care.

  • All our VAs have passed a rigorous recruitment process,
  • Hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from a recognized university,
  • Are full-time, salaried staff with excellent working English (Kaplan rating Advanced/Highly Proficient),
  • Receive weekly in-house training,
  • Co-work in an office 2 – 3 times and week, and
  • Are supervised by a Customer Success Manager and a professional management team.

Delegation made easy with
custom-built delegation tools

Stay in sync with your dedicated assistant and better support one another with the MySigrid Assistant. The app simplifies and structures the delegation process giving you an easy overview of all the tasks you have delegated. Say goodbye to endless email threads and hard-to-search chat conversations—the ’Chat-Per-Task’ keeps everything in one place.

  • Quickly capture tasks anywhere via chat, voice notes, attachments, image snippets, or use the innovative Quick Reply feature.
  • View all delegated tasks in one place.
  • Follow the real-time progress towards task resolution.
  • Receive reminders about important dates & events, including status updates from your assistant.
  • See if your VA is ‘On Duty.’


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The Sigrid app for iOS

Seamless continuity

Our team uses our collaboration platform, MySigrid, to solve problems and complete tasks collectively, saving them more time individually. All requests from a client are converted into tasks in MySigrid. These tasks are managed by the primary VA but may be delegated to specialists who have expertise in that particular area.

The clients' dedicated VAs use MySigrid to capture all the information they've gathered about a client, including their unique preferences. So even if the primary VA goes on leave, another VA can step in and provide the same level of service with the same attention to detail.

Artificial intelligence is continuously analyzing all of the communications and tasks coming in, enabling the team to deliver an unparalleled service uniquely suited to each client's needs and unique preferences.

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Secure sharing of sensitive
data, passwords, and

Whenever we onboard a new client, we set up a number of online vaults where the client’s sensitive information and documents are organized and stored. Both the client and their dedicated assistant have access to these vaults.

A vault can be dedicated to a specific area of work, such as travel management. Here, the client’s passport details, visa, and other travel-related documents and data can be securely stored. The client can access these password-protected vaults on all of their devices.

Moreover, clients can maintain private vaults that only they can access and shared vaults for goals they want their VA to manage.

We track all actions and changes within the account and we are immediately informed if there are security issues, such as password breaches.

We selectively share the client’s sensitive information with our backup staff. For example, if the client’s primary assistant goes on leave, the client’s sensitive data can be temporarily shared with another VA without fear of any security breaches. This is how we can guarantee seamless continuity and deliver uninterrupted service to our clients.