Limited Time Offer: Get 5 Tasks For Free

Our MySigrid shared assistant team will resolve 5 tasks for you over two weeks. Choose a plan below to get started. You can cancel anytime and will only be changed if you continue after the trial.



US$400/month (after trial)




US$750/month (after trial)




US$1,200/month (after trial)


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Your free trial includes

When you sign up for a free trial of one of our dedicated EA plans (Personal (15), Start-up (30), or Growth (60)), you will instantly unlock a two-week trial of our shared assistant service - MySigrid.

The two-week trial includes:

  • Five free tasks (standard requests are up to 20 minutes of work),
  • Support from our pool of on-demand executive assistants,
  • Support from our pool of on-demand specialists,
  • The Sigrid.AI ’to-do list’ app (the app is available on iOS, an Android version will follow),
  • Task-acknowledgment within 30 minutes,
  • Our team will strive to resolve all tasks within 24 hours, depending on the nature of the task,
  • Service coverage across multiple time-zones,
  • The service is 'ON' Monday through Friday from 12noon to 6am Singapore-time, from 6am to 12midnight Central European Time, and from 12midnight to 6pm US Eastern time.
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How your free trial works

1. Sign up

It’s easy, just pick a plan, and download the iPhone app. The app is available on iOS. An Android version will follow.


2. Start delegating

When you send a task you’ll instantly communicate with our team of on-demand assistants and specialists. You can send requests as text or using our voice functionality for easy and precise communication.

3. We get to work

Our team of on-demand assistants and specialists have worked for great companies like The Ritz-Carlton, International SOS, IBM, Citibank, Emirates, and American Express. On top of that, we train them weekly and give them great employee benefits!



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Unlocking your dedicated EA plan after the trial

After the two-week trial is over you will be given the opportunity to unlock your dedicated EA plan (we will send you a reminder email) and kick off the onboarding process, including:

  • Meeting your dedicated assistant (5+ years working experience),
  • Setting up a Secure Client Vault in 1Password that guarantees secure sharing of sensitive data, passwords, and documents with your assistant,
  • Setting up local telephone numbers for your assistant (optional),
  • Giving your assistant access to your electronic email and calendar system, and setting up a branded EA email (optional),
  • Setting up a virtual debit card for your assistant to handle online bookings and payments on your behalf (optional),
  • Mapping and saving your unique preferences in our system,
  • Time zone coverage across the US, Europe, and Asia,
  • Delegate tasks to your assistant with the Sigrid.AI mobile app, email, local phone, chat + other channels, and
  • Buy ad-hoc hours to handle peak demand for support.