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No details fall through the cracks

When you hire a remote staff through Sigrid, you gain access to MySigrid, our in-house Collaboration & Task Management Platform. MySigrid serves as the central hub for all your project management needs, where your remote staff member manages your projects and collaborates with you and the rest of your team. 

Collaborate with your remote staff in your preferred way – email, call, Slack, Chat, SMS, or use our free to-do-list App. MySigrid captures all tasks in one place, ensuring nothing is forgotten and deadlines are met.

MySigrid to-do-list app
Performance Charts


Monitor performance in real-time

Would you like to know what projects you have delegated, or what project your remote staff member is currently working on? Or maybe you would like to know how much time your remote staff spends on a specific type of project, or how often agreed deadlines need to be adjusted? You can access all historical information about past and current projects in the KPI dashboard in MySigrid

The Client Fact Book

Continuity of Service Guaranteed

Your remote staff member documents details and specific instructions in your Client Fact Book (CFB). The CFB ensures that no details about your projects are ever forgotten. If your remote staff becomes unable to provide you with support, we can easily replace them with a new hire and provide access to all the details about your projects in MySigrid, preventing knowledge loss and ensuring seamless continuity. 

Online Client Secure Vaults

Proactive project management with Safe Data Sharing

Our Online Client Secure Vaults (CSV) with strong end-to-end encryption offer a safe way for you to share sensitive data with your remote staff so they can work on your projects and tasks without having to involve you every time they need, i.e. access to online tools and resources.

The Sigrid community

We'll make sure your remote staff member thrives

In addition to ensuring that your remote staff has all the necessary tools and systems in place, we also provide a co-working space where your remote staff can connect with the entire Sigrid community. They'll have access to team-building events, and monthly social gatherings.


What our loyal customers say about us

Yuanzheng Lee

Yuanzheng Lee

Founder, A Space Between, Singapore

I'm a very busy person with numerous business and personal commitments. My VA helps free up a lot of my time so that I can focus on more productive work. I love the consistency of the service provided by Sigrid. They have all the training and documentation in place so that even if another VA has to handle my concern, this VA already knows my working style and expectations and can deliver the results that I want.

Jeremiah Horne, TraxionTax

Jeremiah Horne

Managing Partner, TraxionTax, Denver, US

My EA is up to speed with her tasks. Overall, I am having a good experience with both the service and my EA’s performance. My EA works on things right away. She adjusts quickly to feedback and works on things really well.

Sherman Baldwin

Sherman Baldwin

- CEO, LCR Capital Partners

My Sigrid VA is off to a great start. She has a positive attitude, strong skills and is highly responsive. She also is excellent at anticipating my needs. We see a bright future for her eventually managing a team providing services across our business. Well done!

Andrian Crabb

Adrian Crabb

Owner & President, Kemp Communications LLC

My overall experience with my plan has been positive. Everything is great. My EA is very responsive, always happy to help, and accomplishes tasks timely and fast!


Our assistants have worked for some of the world's leading service companies

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Do you need a resource full-time or just a few hours a week?

There’s no limitation on the kind of job roles we can fill as long as the work can be done remotely.


Social Media Manager


Big Data Scientist


Content Editor/Writer

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

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Project Manager

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Customer Service Specialist

Account Executive

Account Executive



HR Executive

HR Executive

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Bookkeeper/Payroll Specialist

Web Design

Web Developer

SEO Specialist

SEO Specialist



Graphic Design

Graphic Designer

And much more

And much more



Our Process

  • 1.

    Tell us about the job role.

  • 2.

    We prescreen our candidates.

  • 3.

    You conduct the final interview.

  • 4.

    We hire your chosen candidate.


Why Choose Sigrid’s Remote Staffing Solution?

Global Talentpool

You’ll get access to our global talentpool of pre-vetted professionals. Hire the best for your organization.

Customization & Flexibility

We tailor our services to meet the unique needs of each client.

Cultural Fit

We pair each client with the right remote staff to ensure cultural fit.

Strong Communication Skills

Our professionals are excellent communicators. You’ll always know the status of a project and its estimated delivery.

Efficient Task Delegation

We use MySigrid—our proprietary Collaboration & Task Management Platform —to solve tasks efficiently and collectively. This improves quality, reduces human error, and increases speed.

You can also use your existing workflow and project management tools to delegate tasks.

Lower Salary & Overhead Expenses

You’ll only pay for the services rendered by your remote staff. Eliminate the salary and overhead costs associated with hiring full-time, office-based employees.

Bridging Language Barriers

We provide remote staff members who speak your local language.

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Connecting Global Enterprises with Highly Skilled Offshore Staffing

Are you struggling to fill key positions in your organization? Sigrid's Remote Staffing Solution is designed to connect small and medium-sized businesses with high-caliber remote professionals. These professionals bring a wealth of skill and experience to the table.

Using our platform, you can leverage the expertise of exceptionally talented remote professionals on a full-time or part-time basis. These remote employees have been carefully vetted to ensure alignment with your expectations and needs.

We can help you build your offshore remote team quickly—addressing the skills gap in your organization, helping you meet surges in demand, and positioning your business for strategic growth. At the same time, you’ll overcome the hurdles associated with in-house recruitment and employment—including high overhead costs, escalating domestic labor costs, and a shrinking domestic labor market.

For smaller enterprises grappling with resource constraints, fractional staffing serves as a lifeline—giving them access to top-tier expertise from seasoned professionals minus the costs of traditional, full-time hiring. With Sigrid, the advantages of global talent are within reach, even for those who lack abundant local resources.


Remote collaboration and task delegation have never been this easy