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The way we work is changing fast. New jobs are emerging across industries that don't require a physical presence. With freelancers and virtual service companies setting up shop in cities across the globe, it is possible to access specialized talent at a much more attractive price than a local alternative. 

One job that's rapidly spreading is the virtual assistant. People are increasingly using virtual assistants for everything in their private and work life that doesn't require a physical presence and more entrepreneurs, executives, and small/medium-sized businesses are choosing to delegate increasingly complex secretarial and administrative tasks to remote staff. 

From this eBook, you will learn about:

  • The top 10 tasks you should be delegating to a virtual assistant,
  • other things on your to-do list you can delegate to keep your life running smoothly.

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I wrote this eBook to share how I optimized my time while building my last company, ShipServ. I spent 15 years traveling more than 200 days a year across America, Europe, and South East Asia while building a global e-marketplace for the maritime industries. The only way I could do that and still be there for those significant moments with my family in London was to hire a virtual assistant to manage my work and private logistics. Over years of working with a remote assistant, I’ve developed a list of admin tasks that do not need a physical presence, a list which I’m sharing here. This list is for people who struggle every day with the burden of traveling for work, people who spend most of the year building and running a business, or people who just want to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Paul Østergaard
Author, Co-Founder Sigrid.AI

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