Five major trends are shaping the future of work; globalization, technology, changing demographics, new behaviors, and mobility. These changes are happening right now, forcing people and organizations to change the way they think about work. Across industries, new job categories have been emerging that don’t require a physical presence. Entrepreneurs and small/medium-sized businesses are choosing to delegate more and more complex assignments and administrative tasks to remote staff.

With freelancers and virtual service companies setting up shop in cities across the globe, you can get access to specialized talent at a much more attractive price than if you hired locally. New technology companies can hire a full-stack developer in Bangkok, a bookkeeper in Bath, and a virtual assistant in Manila, et presto! That’s how fast companies are born today.

One job that’s spreading fast is the virtual assistant. Today we live our lives online, and our personal and work lives are quickly merging into one. We are always expected to be available. As a result, people are in search of support in their busy lives.

Remote assistants aren’t just hired for typical secretarial work. Their jobs have changed radically for the better, and they now take on increasingly complex tasks. Even sitting on the other side of the world, there is almost nothing a remote assistant can’t do for you and your business, as long as they have the right mix of powerful 21st-century skills. Many are digital natives, comfortable working with the latest technology and on-demand services. They can easily coordinate, schedule, purchase, book, and rebook their way through your day, and handle all the last-minute changes to your schedule. All this at a considerably lower cost than a local alternative.

You can use a remote executive assistant for anything that doesn’t need a physical presence. This could be researching and booking flights, processing travel expenses, initial candidate screening, or just ordering your groceries online. Remote assistants take care of all these tasks and a million and one others in between.

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