Do you wish you had more time for the things that matter? At Sigrid.AI, we feel everyone should be able to outsource their non-core tasks and conserve their energy and time for the things they enjoy and are good at. Our managed remote executive assistant service was created to make that possible.

Since our launch in February, one of the questions we get asked the most is, "What can I use a remote assistant for?" Our answer: More things than you can imagine. 

Read on to learn about ten tasks our clients successfully outsource to their remote assistants. 

1.Scheduling/Diary Management   

Does your job require you to have many meetings with different people inside and outside your organization each week? Then you are probably spending a lot of valuable time coordinating, chasing people, and waiting for responses that block your schedule from moving forward. Every minute spent rearranging your calendar and finding a suitable time for a meeting is a minute that could have been spent inspiring your team or preparing the elevator pitch for that big capital raise. Instead, ask your assistant to manage your schedule for you, and never again miss an appointment because transport time was not correctly anticipated, or join a conference call to find that half the attendees had never accepted the invite. Your assistant will continuously plan and refine the detailed 'logistics' of your life several weeks out, reflecting everything in your shared calendar, leaving you free to focus on the things that matter.  


Need an updated competitor analysis before your next board meeting? A list of European banks actively supporting cryptocurrencies? The best provider of business book summaries? Or do you just want to know the scientific evidence behind the keto-diet? Most of us have a lot of things we’d like to know more about but never get around to researching. Let your assistant, supported by a team of specialists in various areas, comb the internet and other sources and compile the information you need. Go home, sit back, kick up your legs and wait for the Powerpoint report to arrive in your inbox. 

3.Travel management   

Does your job require a lot of travel and do you feel you are wasting a lot of valuable time finding and booking flights, hotels and organizing ground transportation? Even if you are supported by a travel agent, making sure all your unique preferences are considered every time is often an impossible task. Instead, transform business travel from a chore to a pleasant experience by delegating your travel to a remote assistant backed by specialists with decades of travel industry experience. Because your assistant has access to your calendar and knows all your preferences, he/she can proactively plan all your travel and make sure everything is completely integrated with your personal and private schedule. This is especially valuable when things change at the last minute, and you need several days of travel and meetings rebooked at once. Instead of spending half a day in rescheduling and rebooking hell, send an email to your remote assistant and get back into that important sales meeting. 

4.IT Support 

Do you sometimes wish that IT-wizard from your last job was still around? That 25-year-old girl who could always get your email to work, or find that lost file? Most of us have a long list of IT-related issues we never get around to resolving. Finding the smartest way to manage our photos. Getting all our contacts consolidated into one place. Get rid of that long list of IT-related issues that have been piling up and stop worrying by asking your assistant to take care of it for you. If he or the back-up team can’t find a solution themselves, they'll happily spend hours on hold or days corresponding with tech support teams until the issue is resolved. They can even implement the fix themselves on your computer using remote access software. 

5.Expense management  

Do you always leave your expenses until the last minute? Most of our clients consider preparing expense reports their least favorite activity. But like bookkeeping and accounting in general, while it makes little difference to the success of your business, ignoring it is likely to bring things tumbling down eventually. So they grudgingly accept this chore and - even in a world of sophisticated, AI-powered expense reporting apps - spend hours each month searching for receipts or struggling to remember which client or account a given expense relates to. Instead, why not delegate all of it to your remote assistant, who will happily work with your existing software systems and processes. All you have to do is email a photo of your receipts, and to approve and sign off on the expense report before submittal. Because your assistant knows your schedule, everything will be booked against the correct accounting codes and contain all relevant information (e.g., client names for entertainment expenses). 


If you are busy and overwhelmed with all the details of building a business and launching a new startup, it’s tempting to leave all the bookkeeping till later. Adding bookkeeping responsibilities to everything else you have on your plate may also be a recipe for burnout. Ask your remote assistant to do it for you but make sure that he or she is a professional bookkeeper or is supported by one. Budgeting and forecasting become much easier when you have access to financial information and expert advice. A remote professional team can help you establish good bookkeeping practices from the beginning, leaving you with all the time you need to grow and scale your business.

7.Handling Insurance Claims

You may have, at some point, fallen ill before a business trip, lost your luggage, or damaged a rental car while on vacation. Navigating the jungle of insurance companies, and handling insurance claims eat up your energy. Instead, ask your remote assistant to take over all the time-consuming and frustrating activities involved in making an insurance claim and keeping track of the claims process until it is resolved, and your expenses reimbursed. Your remote assistant will gladly wait around on the phone on hold.

8.Online Shopping

Have you considered using a grocery delivery service? A perfect solution and time-saver: you do your shopping online, pay with your credit card, and voila! Your groceries appear at your door. Or even better, you ask your remote executive assistant to do your shopping for you and presto! Your fridge is stocked every week with your preferred products. All you have to do is email the grocery list to your remote assistant. 

9.Online Membership Management

The jungle of online memberships we get ourselves involved with today can be overwhelming, and most of us only actively use about 10 - 20% of them. Funny enough it is often complicated and time-consuming to find your way through an app to the section that explains ‘How to sign off' on a service? Stay on top of your budget and stop wasting your time and money by leaving it to your remote assistant to follow up with your fitness club, and to clean out and sign off on Apps on your smartphone, and online magazines and newspapers that you haven't used for the last six months.

10.Data Entry 

Performing data entry tasks is a time-consuming process. In order to do tasks such as data conversion, entering data from one source to another, processing forms containing crucial data, etc. you need a lot of time. Why not spend your time only on core tasks by delegating all your data entry tasks to a dedicated remote assistant?

We'll continue to write about things you can successfully outsource to a remote assistant on this blog.