About us

Sigrid.AI is a subscription-based, managed remote virtual assistant service. The Singapore-based technology solutions and service company specializes in providing on-demand personal process outsourcing solutions, designed for the way we work now.


Co-founded in 2016 by Paul Østergaard and Ida Marie Iuel, Sigrid.AI was conceived when the founders realized there is a major—and largely unmet—demand for high-level administrative and secretarial support at affordable rates in major cities like Hong Kong, Singapore, Copenhagen, London, and New York.


Our team of highly trained virtual assistants (VAs) is supported by specialists in areas such as specialized research, calendar management, expense management, and travel management to deliver on-demand administrative support to an array of clients. These range from private individuals, families, and home-based professionals to C-level executives, entrepreneurs, and fully distributed teams. 


At the heart of our service is the idea that collectively we’re smarter. Hence, when you sign up for one of our subscription plans, you're also hiring the sum total of our team's expertise. 


Our human expertise is fused with cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligence, enabling us to offer premium services at affordable prices. We give our clients access to all the privileges traditionally reserved for the top C-suite directly on their desktops and smartphones, minus the exorbitant fixed costs associated with hiring a traditional executive assistant. 


We spend a great deal of time recruiting and testing the right people, training them extensively, and giving them all the resources needed to offer world-class care. This commitment to excellence has enabled us to build a professionally managed distributed team. 


Our collaboration platform, MySigrid, helps the team solve problems and complete tasks collectively, saving them more time individually. MySigrid has a Communications Module where all the communication between our VAs and the clients is centralized. All requests from the clients are converted into tasks in the Task Management Module. These tasks are managed by the primary VAs but may be delegated to our specialists who have expertise in that specific task. Another hallmark of our service is the Knowledge Base/Client Fact Book Module in MySigrid, which makes it possible to offer our clients seamless continuity. This ensures that we’re able to offer our clients an uninterrupted service that never waivers in quality. Our VAs use the Client Fact Book to capture all the information they’ve gathered about a client (including their unique preferences and task history). As a result, even if the client’s primary VA goes on leave, another VA can step in and provide the same level of service with the same attention to detail. 


What’s more, our services aren’t restricted by time zones or conventional office hours, as we have a backup team that works on critical tasks outside office hours. This enables us to deliver dependable and timely results to our clients. 

Image of co-founder Paul Henrik Østergaard

Co-founder Paul Henrik Østergaard

Paul excels at challenging conventional business models and disrupting conservative industries with cutting-edge technology. Now, a business angel and serial tech-entrepreneur across the US, Europe, and Asia, Paul’s primary focus is on designing new business services that help people lead more meaningful lives by leveraging the latest technology.

In 2016, Paul co-founded Sigrid.AI in Singapore, a remote managed executive assistant service. Sigrid.AI provides personal process outsourcing solutions for busy entrepreneurs, executives, and small teams, supporting the way people work now, so that busy people can live a life supported by work instead of a work-focused life. The company delivers it’s business services across the US, Europe and Asia.

The Sigrid.AI vision builds on 10 years of being supported remotely by a Manila-based executive assistant who worked with Paul during his 260 days of international travel a year, while building his previous company, ShipServ (www.shipserv.com).


Paul Østergaard, the founder of ShipServ, could be described as shipping's original digital disrupter. Paul's vision of how the Internet could change the economics of shipping, driving out inefficiencies and increasing competitiveness has led to a ground-breaking shipping e-commerce idea, which is now the world’s leading maritime e-marketplace’.

(Futurenautics, 2014).

Our Vision

We want to see everyone thriving and leading a more meaningful life 

Our vision is to help people on both sides of our platform lead a more meaningful life. We can give young, talented, eager professionals a great opportunity as part of our team. We can also help busy people in high-cost areas to recover lost time and so lead a happy, healthy life.

Our Mission

Affordable assistants for everyone 

Our mission is to build a world-class remote executive assistant service, affordable for anyone who needs it. Our staff are full-time, highly trained, office-based assistants and specialists supported by the latest technology. While many virtual assistants lack stability and job security, we give ours full job security and proper health insurance, to ensure that we attract the best staff and get the best service out of them.

Our winning combination of high-quality staff and cutting-edge technology means that you can live the life tech companies have promised. At the tap of an app, we’ll lift the burden of tedious tasks, freeing your time for the things that matter, whether that’s meaningful work or more leisure time.

Live a life supported by work instead of a work-focused life.